It’s Going Down at Phoenix!

Apologies, when we decided to start this blog, we had grand aspirations. We’d be regularly updating you on all our many adventures. However, life gets in the way. Between work, running, and having a blended family, we don’t get much free time for blogging. We’re going to try and change that.

Christmas, 2017.

Birthdays, 2 weeks apart from one another!

We’ve been up to a lot recently. We’ve had a ton of birthday celebrations for the kiddos. We’ve been trying to prepare for our wedding at the Phoenix Marathon. And prepare for our Dallas reception. That said, we have made some headway…Did you see our fancy marriage license on our Instagram?

We’re very excited for it all! We’ve got some friends and family coming to the event. Scott’s parents are going to fly in for it and our friends Laura and Ray! Marsha’s long time BBM now iMessage turned friend Nikki and her husband coming in from Cali. Plus a few others. And, Scott’s cousin even got ordained so she could perform the ceremony!


We’re also going to have some social media friendzies there too. Can’t wait to meet longtime blog bud A Fast Paced Life. We just found out our dino-loving Dallas dude Carlos the Runner will be there. And of course, our Best Man and Woman, Helly on the Run and her hubby Ben will be on hand, and also said their run group is going to be there waiting on us too!

@carlostherunner is coming to Phoenix!

We hope to have some more surprises too, but we need to keep those cats in their bags until we can confirm them. Stay tuuuuuuunnnneeeeeddddd!

And as for the Dallas reception, we just keep hearing better and better news. We are truly overwhelmed by the response we have gotten from friends and family. All the people who are flying in from around the States – you can’t imagine how touched we are.

Shout out to y’all out of towners coming to Texas!

We weren’t expecting anyone to be able to come, so we truly feel loved and honored. We can’t wait to see all of you!

That all said, as far as the marathon goes…we are not in any sort of racing shape. Scott has been sidelined most of the year with a stress fracture in his foot. And Marsha has been battling hamstring issues. But we’re doing the best we can to get ready on limited time. We were able to run 14 miles this past Saturday, so that gives us some hope, somewhat. We have no time goal, we just want to finish and have fun along the way. Maybe by race day we won’t be in race shape, but hopefully we won’t be pear shaped either…somewhere in between would be nice.

Besides us, we have several friends like Helly, Ben, Hector, Ray, etc. who are going to be trying to BQ the race. Man, that would be sweet if they all did. Like we said, It’s Going Down In Phoenix!

Oh Em Gee, you need to see our racing outfits. We found these online from Red Shirt Running online and they were able to customize and get them to us lickity split. Perfect, amirite?


OH, and we keep forgetting…people keep asking us where we’re registered. We haven’t actually registered anywhere. We’re at a point in life where we want to minimize, we don’t really have space/use for random stuff. That said, we do enjoy tequila – so a gift card to Total Wine would be boss. We also LOVE getting hand crafted furniture from the UH-MAZE-ING folks at Unique Wood Furniture. We have a couple pieces from them, and they’re just the best! So any gift card things to them would be dope. And of course, we always need groceries, so Target, Kroger, etc. gift cards are radical. We’ll also accept race entries 🙂 But in the end, all we really want is to see your smiling faces.


But we need some help y’all – WE NEED A HASHTAG! We know y’all are a creative lot, can you help us out with suggestions? If we like yours, we may even send you a thank you gift, wink wink.

OK, this post is all over the map. We hope you can navigate it better than Dora the Explorer and make some sense of it. Maybe we should wrap it up before your brain marbles get corfused. Hopefully after this, we’ll be posting more regularly as to avoid random brain dumps like this.

OK, it’s you’re turn. Help us with a hashtag…and…GO!

We’re Getting Hitched @ The Phoenix Marathon and….



Yes, you read that right. We’re going to be getting married at the race….or should we say IN the race! That’s our plan. We will run the first 26 miles, then pause our Garmins Suuntos, because at Mile 26 we will take our vows, then run the final point two to the finish line. So yeah, we’ll become officially official during the race. Eeeek!

We were all thumbs during last year’s Phoenix Marathon.

Before we get to the hows and whys and whos and such, let’s quickly mention how we got engaged. It was during a run, duh. You can read that story HERE. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just watch the 1 min vid we put together of the engagement run:

On to the plans. It’s all very on the fly, as far as wedding planning goes. But we knew a couple things – we didn’t want to wait long to get married, and we wanted to do it while running. Running brought us together. So naturally, we want to make it a part of our big day.

Who is going to officiate? Well, that was a tough one. But then we were reminded that Scott’s uncle lives in AZ…and he’s ordained! Sweet! Unfortunately he will be out of town that weekend. Not so sweet. But his daughter (our favorite cousin) said she would get ordained and do it. Super duper sweet!!! Ain’t the internet grand?

Sippin Margs With Cuz

And what about a wedding party? Well, it’s always going to be a party as long as we’re around, but if you mean the actual members of the party, then we got that covered too. Our Best Man and Maid of Honor will also be running the race. Yup, the world famous Helly On The Run and her hubby will be doing the honors.

I’m your Huckleberry. Modeling shades in Tombstone, AZ with the Bermz.

Now, they are racing the race to try for a BQ. After all, it’s a great race to go for that. Marsha qualified at this race just earlier this year. But we’ve been injured since then, so we’re not in any kind of shape for racing, so we’ll be taking it easy. We just hope Helly & Ben’s tired legs will still be able to carry them back to meet us at the wedding!

As for guests of the wedding…We had discussed eloping. But then Marsha said, “Scott, you can’t elope.” But then Scott replied, “Don’t call me a cantaloupe, you melon head.”

Awesome jokes aside, we’re expecting a handful of close family and friends to be able to make the trip. We understand that doing a fairly rushed wedding out of state makes it challenging for people to get to. But that said, we feel very honored to anyone who will be there. We even hear via the twitters that A Fast Paced Life will be on hand (and feet as she’s running too)!!! And of course, the cheering race spectators will hopefully send us off in loud fashion!

Will Marsha be considered a “runaway bride”? We suppose that’s a good thing in this case.

And for those who can’t make it to the Valley of the Sun, we’ll be having a second location reception a couple weeks later back in Dallas. Where? At a brewery of course.

fullsizerender 4
More like Nine Wedding Bands, amiright?

But there’s more details on that to come. In the meantime, we’ve got a wedding to plan!


Thank you YourStoryInvites for creating these awesome custom bib invites!

How bout you? Any chance you’ll be at the Phoenix Marathon (we’re looking at you Colby)? Or maybe the Dallas reception? Will you run with us (26.2, 13.1, 10k races, or just the last .2???

We Got Engaged!!! (While Running)

Our blog selves must’ve been eating too much cheese, because we haven’t been very regular. Apologies, but life with a blended family tends to get in the way. Soccer games, orchestra concerts, school pick-ups, work drop offs….it’s crazy round these parts. Oh, and something else had happened… WE GOT ENGAGED!!!

Here’s the story. Scott’s sister was in Californ-i-a for work for a few months. She wanted to run a race before being sent back home and there was a half marathon coming up in the wine country. Welp, we looked up airfares, not expecting to be able to go, but guess what had happened…they were cheap AF. Round trip DFW>OAK=<100 skrilla units. Sold!

So our trip was set. We’d fly to Cali, Sis would pick us up, We’d stay with her, Run the race, Drink some vino. But then a not so funny thing happened. Sis texted saying her boss is sending her home early. Dang. Then, Cali erupts into flames. Race canceled. The only reasons we were taking this trip were gone in a flash (literally).

Do we cancel our flight? Nah, not the RDL style. We go anyway. Book last minute car, hotel in San Fran and AirBNB in Pacific Grove. And Scott does something sneaky…he goes online to one of those athletic silicone wedding ring websites and orders some to be sent to his work address. Why did he do this? He decided that since the original trip reasons were ruined, to make lemonade out of gatorade.

When/Where would the proposal come? Marsha had recently commented that she saw on the Instagrams the sweetest proposal between Emma Coburn and Joe Bosshard WHILE THEY WERE ON A RUN. Light bulb moment for Scott. Sooo…Scott had looked up google street view for possible locations to pop the question while running in Pacific Grove. You see, it’s on the ocean. Lots of scenic views. He saw a few possibilities, but nothing set in sand. He’d wing it.

Scott didn’t want to wait long. After arriving at the BNB, he determined the next morning’s run would suffice. Suffice to say, it worked. The run started through the old town. Lots of 150 year old houses. Gorgeous. Then we hit the coast. There was a park called Lovers Point. Perfect spot, right? Nah, too cheesy, thought Scott. We’ll find a better spot.

It was overcast. The waves crashed along the rocky coast. Such a beautiful spot to run. We got away from town – heading towards the 17 mile drive (Carmel, Spyglass, Pebble Beach, etc.). There was an old lighthouse. Golf course. Just awesome. Scott kept scouting for spots. Here’s a nice cove – oh wait, there’s another proposal going on – they’re not going to steal our thunder. Oh, here’s a nice cove – what’s that plaque? Oh, this is where John Denver crashed his plane and perished. Nevermind. Here’s a picturesque cove…Scott just has to set up the phone to video the experience…Damnit, it won’t sit against the bench. “Just ask someone to take out picture.” yells Marsha. Nevermind, there’s too many people here now.

We continue the run back to town. Scott begins to think it won’t happen this day. But then a so funny thing happens. We get to Lovers Point Park. The crowds disperse. We’re alone. Scott finds some rocks to prop the phone up against and hits record. Marsha is cold. Wants to keep moving. Scott takes her gloves off. “Why?” she asks. “So you can put this ring on.’ He retorts.

She says yes.

We finish the run. We celebrate. But the celebration is another story. You’ll hear that next.

Peace & Love, Y’all,


Questions: Do you have a proposal story? Do you take runcations?