We Run On Tequila! #NationalTequilaDay

“It was too much tequila, or not quite enough.” ~Jimmy Buffett, Semi-True Story

We love tequila. True story, we do. I know most people cringe at the thought of the T-drink, but we kindly submit that they may be misinformed. We’re not talkin your cheap tequilas that leave you with a hangover like a tap dancing kangaroo bouncing around the inside of your skull. We like to drink the clean stuff. This doesn’t mean expensive, mind you, it just means good clean tasting tequila.

After the PHX Marathon. That hipster has an excellent beard.

We believe it helps your running too…Now hear us out, as many have scoffed at this claim only to be rebuffed when they tried it demselves. If we’re ever at a night 5k, we’ll do a shot before the race. For whatever reason, it seems to help us run faster. At a recent Dallas night 5k, we convinced our friends Emily and Tracy to try this. It worked – Emily was one of the first finishers and Tracy won her age-group. We’ll also do this before a night social run, and again, we go faster.

Our Strava photo after a recent run.

There’s also evidence that tequila is good for you. We’ve known for a while that it’s a probiotic, but apparently there’s several other benefits as you can see in this article. Shoot, even The Rock is starting his own tequlia brand. Is it any wonder after reading it’s part of his skin care routine?

Heck, we even gave out tequila shooters at our wedding reception as the take home party favor.





Tags read: Tequila, because no love story ever started out with “Salad”.

Trust us, we’ve done our research on this topic. So if you’re looking for some of that sweet stuff, here’s our top three (of the moment):

3. El Jimador

This is a regular go-to because of the LOW price point and the smootheness. We’ll go for the reposado most of the time.

2. Number Juan

Our numero two is Number Juan. Oh em gee, this stuff is gooood. We don’t get it as often because it costs a little more, but man it’s good. It’s owned by a couple comedians (Ron White).

1. Casa Amigos

Perfect evening – Casa Amigos & Blues Brothers

This stuff is da bomb. This is our go to for special occasions. It’s part owned by George Clooney and it’s his friend’s (Bill Murray) drink of choice. It is so smooth. So clean. It costs around the same as Number Juan, maybe a tad more. We love Casa Amigos. We wish they’d back a truck up to our garage and drop off a shipment.

Here’s a shot of Bill pouring a shot of Casa Amigos.

Now you may be wondering how we drink tequila. Even if you’re not, we’re going to tell you. We like to shoot it or sip it straight. As our friend Christie (also a huge tequila fan) if she wanted a margarita, she replied “Why dilute it? Just go right to the source and give me a shot.” LOL, we couldn’t agree more.

Christie in foreground. Our other faves in background.

We keep our tequila in the freezer, so it’s always cold (no, it doesn’t freeze). If you wan’t it really smooth, then put it in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain. It will taste like sweet water.


How bout you? Ever have a tequila shooter before a race/run? Any tequila favorites we need to know about?


Here’s a super secret we’ve discovered: Forget the salt and limes, instead use cinnamon and orange slices. TRUST US, it will change your tequila lovin world.

Even our weird dog loves tequila.

So there you go. We hope that helps with your tequila adventures. Those our some quick tips for you.

After the Boston Marathon 2018. In a tavern George Washington used to frequent.

How bout you? Ever have a tequila shooter before a race/run? Any tequila favorites we need to know about? Tell us in the comments!

Global Running Day!


We’re sure you’ll stuff about this all over your Instagram & Facebook feeds today…We all know that runners like to talk/post about running, and with their own special day, that talking/posting will be off the charts. But here’s our take on it…

…It’s a good thing. Why not have a special day for runners? But did you know that it always falls on the 1st Wednesday of June? So it’s kind of like the Thanksgiving of exercise holidays. But to us, it doesn’t really matter which day it falls on, because we’ll be running anyways. That’s just what we love to do. But anything that encourages others to hit the pavement, treadmills or trails is a-okie-dokie by us.

But did you also know that besides GRD, there’s also National Running Day? We’re not sure about other countries, but in the US of A it coinkidentally falls on the same day as GRD – so don’t go stressing about getting your favorite runner a second present or anything.

Here’s what the internets says about NRD, “This day was designated as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion for running. It is also a good day for beginners to begin a life-changing commitment to running.”

And here’s what it says about GRD, “Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how far you go—what’s important is that you take part, and how you do it is up to you.”

••How to Get Involved••

Firstly, you could just go outside for run, walk or crawl. Easy peasy. We’ll be doing this.

Secondly, go for a run with a friend (or lover). This will be what we do too.

Thirdly, visit a local social run. There is no diggitiy no doubt that every running club or store around town will be hosting something special. We’ll also be doing this.

Fourthly, you can go to on the internets and let people know. Post one of those aforementioned IG or FB pics. Go to GlobalRunningDay.org and pledge to run some miles (or kilometers). Or find a for-profit company and pledge to run with them, like the Brooks event. We are also doing this too, as well.

So soak it in, runners. This is the one day that you can post about running and non-runners are not allowed to get annoyed by it. Enjoy Global Running Day everyone…Or as our buddy Carlos puts it…

carlos global runner.png

Alrighty then, we’re off to run!

Cheers, S+M

How bout you? How will you celebrate Global (National) Running Day? How often do you annoy your non-runner friends with talking/posting about running?